Maiko Teahouse, Sakata City 

Private Performances and Lunch

Maiko performing during lunch

Enjoy the local delicacies of Yamagata with a private performance by the maiko.  

Keeping true to its roots as a restaurant, Somaro serves special lunch bentos (boxed lunch meals) each day at 12 noon.  A private performance by our maiko is also included! 

Private Performances 

Separate from the daily performance at 2pm, the lunch performance is a private event only for lunch guests.  

This offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful dancing and singing of the maiko without the crowds of the regular performance.  

The lunch and performance begins at 12 noon.  Please be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes early.  

Bento Options 

The following are the 3 bento options served at Somaro.  These prices cover everything including the admission fee and private performance.  

Kaiseki Bento (Variety Bento)   




 University/Highschool/MiddleSchool Student   


Chirashi Bento (Sushi Bowl Bento)  




 University/Highschool/MiddleSchool Student   


Unagi Bento (Grilled Eel Bento)  



 University/Highschool/MiddleSchool Student   


Kids Bento 

Kids  Bento 

  (limited to under elementary school kids) ¥2,000                                                       

-Please note that reservations must be made at least 3 business days in advance.  

-Changes or cancellations must also be made at least 3 business days in advance.

-We are closed on Wednesdays.  

-Due to limitations, parties must decide upon one bento type for everyone in their party.  

-Bento prices include the admission fee.  

-Lunch is served at 12 noon and the private dance begins at 12:30.  

-We are generally only able to accept reservations for 2 people or more. 

 However exceptions to this are possible, please contact us. 

 We only accept these cards.