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Maiko Teahouse, Sakata City 



Maiko Teahouse, Sakata City 

Somaro is one of  the best places to experience the rich history and culture of the port city of Sakata. Originally a traditional Japanese high-class restaurant named Somaya that operated for over 100 years, the buildings underwent a renovation in the year 2000 when the newly renamed Somaro was born. 

Business holiday in July

  3rd(Wed.)     4th (Thu.)    10th (Wed.)    16th (Tue.)   17th(Wed.)      22nd (Mon.)      24th (Wed. )   30th (Tue.)     31st  (Wed)



 ・7/21➡Open 13:00

 ・ Closed for private party ➡7/26



Business holiday in August

     7th(Wed.)     8th (Thu.)       13th (Tue.)        14th (Wed.)     21st(Wed.)        26th (Mon.)        28th (Wed.)

Please be sure to wear socks .

Invitation to Somaro 

Operating Hours 

10:00am - 4:00pm (Last entry is at 3:30pm)

Admission Fees

Adult                                                                           1000 

University/Highschool/MiddleSchool Student         500

Elementary School Student                                        500  

Under Elementary School                                           Free 

Admission Fee with Performance appreciation

*Seats are subject to availability and prior reservation is recommeended.            

Adult                                                                           2,500 

University/Highschool/MiddleSchool Student        1,000

Elementary School Student                              1,000  

Under Elementary School                                            Free 

*There is a 10% discount for parties 20 or more and for disabled individuals

Closed Days/Special Hours

■Closed Days


■Maiko performance

- 2:00  pm


by Mail, Tel, Fax, Website

■Contact us

1-2-20 Hiyoshicho, Sakata City,

Yamagata,Japan  998-0037

Tel  0234-21-2310

Fax 0234-21-2924


 We're closed everyday Wednesdays and            other irregular holidays.

We are sorry, but we don't have any English speakers here.

When contacting us, please email us, not call.

 -Closed from December 28th to January 11th for New Years



Takehisa Yumeji Art Museum


Lunch and Maiko Performances

Sakata Maiko



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